London Cat Care & Control Consortium (C4)


We are proud to participate in London Cat Care & Control Consortium (C4) scheme (Booking in advance required).
We will offer FREE neutering for cats. For Cat owners who receive certain state benefits or a are on low income or are students. The scheme also will includes neutering of stray cats being temporarily fed.

Are you eligible?

You own the cat, and you receive:
State benefit
state pension
Council tax benefit or Housing benefit
You are a full time student
You are on a low household income
The cat is a stray which you have been feeding for at least 14 days

*Please note that we will kindly ask you to pay £10 refundable deposit during the booking over the phone. Deposit is used for surgery reservation only. Deposit will be returned back to you after the procedure.

Discounted prices for pensioners and residents with low income

POPLAR VETS will give 10% discount for pensioners on consultation/visit.

We accept these documents as proof of benefit as your proof of benefits:

Bank or rent statements should be dated within the last three months and show your name and address. Please black out all items on your bank statement apart from your name and address and the line(s) showing a DWP payment of your benefit(s) into your account.

Making an appointment:

– Please ask one of our team members for more information.

If your pet is microchiped then they must be registered in your name and address, or you must be in the process of changing the details.

You will be advised to microchip your dog, cat, rabbit or ferret at a discounted price during the treatment.